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Dear Devadasi: a poem
- Ashley

August 16, 2011

Darling devadasi, will you not dance for me?
Damsel of temples, I have seen you dance endlessly,
I have yet to take my eyes off you,
I am drawn by your moves,
I am floored by your many faces,
Is there something behind those expressions?

The song and music has started,
Dear devadasi, you look stunning today,
As always, you are charming,
You are beyond a talented devadasi,
I love every dance you do,
I love you more than you will ever know.

You are flawless... every pose is timeless,
I must admit I am jealous,
For you dance for the gods and not me,
You will do so for the rest of your life,
Love no one else but the gods,
Then again, who is to say you will not love me too.

You are adorned with fine jewelry,
Your outfit is colorful, you fill it out so well,
You are dance itself, the gods must love you,
Dear devadasi, no one sees you the way I do,
You are breathtaking, captivating and pure,
You are young and yet to know what love is.

Have you loved another, devadasi?
No one must know of my love for you,
Not even you, devadasi.
I love how you are Krishna one minute and Radha the next,
Why will you not dance for me, devadasi?
May I accompany you to your dance?

Today you will be Krishna,
Tomorrow you will be Shiva,
I have waited such a long time, devadasi,
Today I am your Radha,
Tomorrow I am your Parvati,
Yes, I am just another devadasi with dreams and desires.

Alas, I get to dance alongside you,
Our ankle bells sound enchanting together,
Now devadasi, will you dance for me?

US based Ashley is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in Anthropology. She is also a student of Bharatanatyam. She loves writing poetry and learning dance.

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