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Moving paintings and still dances
- Madhuri Upadhya, Bangalore

November 28, 2009

Its amazing how painting took over dance and dance took over painting in my life!!! When movement came to a still, the paintbrush danced its way to limelight, again canvas taking over a performance stage!!! Wow, I can't believe how closely both are intertwined in the creative side of my brain making it difficult to separate emotion from art in my heart!
When colours start to dance and body begins to feel, it gives rise to a new series of paintings - in my case atleast, it has. I finally took one month off to paint without anything planned and with a curiosity to see how it would turn out. I couldn't believe how your life completely influences your art (that is only if you are genuine and not copying other artists). The outcome was mudras, subtle lines, movement, spontaneity, textures, rasas, ornamentation, fresh-warm tones and a lot of vibrant energy to express the spontaneity of an artist's mind.

After practicing for 15 years, I now have a body of work I can look at and compare. I know what has led to and inspired what. I most certainly know that this set of paintings will lead me on in my quest of creative work to I don't know where, but surely some place else - beautiful place - where else.

Madhuri Upadhya is the Assc. Director of Nritarutya Dance Trust.

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