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Nritarutya's office gets a new look...
- Vishwa Kiran, Bangalore

March 27, 2009

It was that time of the year again when the higher-ups (read as Mayuri, Madhuri and Sathya) were getting a little restless and, truth be told, feeling a little bored as well. So, they decided the cure was to do some painting.

Oh! Not the ordinary kind for them. Their canvas was to be our office wall and, in true Nritarutya style, was to involve the efforts of, yes, you got it, us menials as well.

After much debate and arguments (which are a given any day), the "Chosen One" to adorn the wall was - a Tree! An almond tree, to be more specific, with its beautiful and graceful leaves. How apt, really, when you think about it. It was the very essence of Nritarutya and symbolized everything it is - 'Nrita' is dance and 'Taru' is tree, signifying the myriad forms of dance and the myriad ways in which Nritarutya, the company was branching out - from Pakistan to London. The green of the tree signifying prosperity added just that final touch.
So there I was with sandpaper in hand, scrubbing away at the wall after which came the primer.

And then we saw a glimpse of the beauty that was to unfold before our eyes when Ashwin (of CKP of course, I mean where else would you find such talent) sketched that first sketch of the tree on the wall. After that ideas came flying fast and thick for colours and each one's work was duly allotted to avoid the fraying of the ever-so-sensitive 'artistic nerves'!

It was pure fun. To watch beauty is a joy in itself but to watch it being created beneath your fingers and to know that you were a part of its creation is taking it to another level altogether.

Freedom of creativity has finally yielded a tree against a gold background, with different species of flowers blooming from the same tree and the most multi-coloured birds you would find.

I would be doing a grave injustice if I did not thank our in-house painting expert who guided us through the entire process - Mr Hemant. I mean, dude, what could we have done without all that useless advice you gave us. Oh! and we also had our very own MF Hussain - Sathya, whose discerning artistic eye was not to be despoiled by even the merest suggestion of a teeny shadow!!

Well, all said and done, it was an experience, an enriching one at that for I found that to create is such a joy but to create together is an even greater one still!!

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