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Rhythmic life
- Alaknanda, Noida

December 9, 2006

Life is rhythm and rhythm is life.
The very inception of life is rhythm.

The rising of the sun is rhythm.
The shimmering of the rays is rhythm.
The blooming of a bud is rhythm.
The feel of the breeze is rhythm.
The roar of the waves is rhythm.
The chirping of the birds is rhythm.
The buzzing of the bees is rhythm.
The voice in a song is rhythm.
The tinkle on the feet is rhythm.
The breath we take is rhythm.
The heart that beats is rhythm.

Life is the essence of all rhythms together in harmony. Life is an amalgamation of all rhythms in the world and space. The artist only explores the different aspects of the rhythm that echoes in the space and universe. The age-old science of Yoga also preaches the control of rhythm in body and breath. The process helps to enrich our lives with health, spirit and peace. Rhythm is an essence of our life, and any imbalance of rhythm leads to hazardous health risks - like a heart attack. So, in the race of life we forget to balance our life, thought and spirit. Thus the equilibrium of rhythm is shaken. It should be our priority to control and balance the rhythm of life, world, space and universe to live a fulfilling and beautiful life.

Life is all rhythms in "harmony, peace and joy." So, let's join hands to build up the harmony and peace in rhythm and with rhythm.

Enjoy a rhythmic life.

Kathak dancer/choreographer Alaknanda is the founder and director of Alaknanda Institute of Performing Arts (IAPA) in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. She is an empanelled artist of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (lCCR).

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