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Kudos to ABHAI
- V P Dhananjayan, Chennai

October 22, 2006

It was very nice going through the pictures of Abhai function honoring Sarada Teacher and Pandanallur Subbaraya Pillai. Both these stalwarts are a link between the old and present generation and their contributions to the living art of Bharatanaatyam is phenomenal.

This gesture from Abhai is a reminder to the society at large, bureaucracy and the present generation that these great and selfless gurus should not be even forgotten before they are gone forever. Kudos to ABHAI for giving them cash awards which they desperately need more than the honor itself. I am only worried that Abhai should not fall a prey to the pull and pressures of dancers - both seniors and juniors - to get this title 'Naatya Kalaanidhi,' by-passing all the criteria of age and service to the art, and not to fall in line with the Sabhas and other cultural bodies, who literally sell their honors and awards to undeserving candidates with mean merits.

I wish every member of Abhai would buy and read the book NIRMALAM (a well brought out book by Arangham Trust and Anita Ratnam) on Peria Sarada teacher. This gesture will be a greater recognition than an award itself.

Bharatanatyam guru V P Dhananjayan is the director of Bharata Kalanjali, Chennai, and a past President of Abhai.

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