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Response to article 'Nataraja's Children'
- Hema Iyer, Chennai

July 15, 2006

The views of Narendra Kumar are not applicable to him alone but are equally relevant to many artists in various other disciplines who do not get opportunities to perform in the dance/music scene or art and theater and so on. The countless tales of talented artists struggling to make a mark on the number of miles that Narendra Kumar walked for something he was passionate about is a story retold in the lives of many an artist, poet, businessman, administrator (from M F Hussain to Dhirubhai Ambani). So there are really no shortcuts to success.

It is about time artists stopped making a hue and cry about their gender. Opportunities knock on the door of a good artist based on his artistic merit and not gender. Instead of whining and complaining and drawing parallels to the success stories of others, it is time they concentrated on making their own lives into success stories. To gain recognition and respect in the city one lives and works in determines one's artistic calibre.

After all this, I can only say he has no cause for complaints when he has achieved a full page write-up on the first page when he is just 30 and he has also made 15 trips abroad. There are innumerable stories of artists who never get written about let alone travel abroad.

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