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Oh, the music and dance!
- Yoganand Saripalli

October 28, 2004
Oh, the love, my dear love
Oh, the manifestation of Isvara

Why, oh why
Are you so away from me?
Are you not with me, in me all the time...
You want me to come, to see you, to be with you
And yet you stay so far from me

You make me feel pain is good
As you make me forget it when I come to you
Cos you touch the very strings at the core of my heart,
Make it dance to its own song and music
And make me happy and euphoric
Giving life to their very existence
And yet you want me to love you in absence

Oh the mighty enchantress
Me, you enchant, with your very presence
Me, you entrance, with your simple glance
Me, you seduce with your smile, melody, gait and grace
And make me drown in the revelry of my senses by your sweet embrace

Oh dear! Without you life has no meaning
For years, for you, have I been waiting and pining
Without you, oh dear! You make my existence a nought
And yet you remain a dream not be sought

Why oh why? Oh dear! My dear love
Oh, you Isvara, one who manifests in music and dance...
Why are you so, so far away from me, and not with me, not in me...
Why oh why! Oh dear! My love,
Waiting am I for you wistfully...
Just take me, consume me, make me a part of yourself
Waiting, am I waiting...
And waiting and waiting...

(Dedicated to all artists striving for perfection and the patrons who support them)

"No meaning in life without you" refers to my opinion that without art in life, life is life-less. Melody, smile, gait and grace refer to music and dance. The revelry of the senses relates to the great experience in watching them perform. The embrace is actually the (divine) romance in those music and dance concerts that enrapture you.

Any expression of art is actually the manifestation of the absolute or Isvara. So, the music and dance is one of the manifestations of this absolute love. No wonder when we watch maestros play we are taken into a trance. The artist and patron are in a way like Sun and Sunlight. One is not complete without the other. Without the patron the art form cannot survive, and without the art from, there is no beauty in life -for anyone, let alone a patron.

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