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The 1st Diploma Program by a theatre company!

Accessed and awarded by Trinity College London
(Approved by Ministry of Education, Singapore)

This totally innovative Diploma Program allows you to learn at a very flexible time with the following THREE CATEGORIES

1. Practical Lessons (once to twice a week in the evening)
2. Theory Lessons (totally online)
3. One-to-one Consultation (up to 5 times in 40 weeks)
4. Practice (Self practice of 8 - 10 hours weekly)

So, if you have a full time job in the day, or pursuing full time studies in another field elsewhere in the day, you can still take the course. Otherwise, you can devote 40 weeks of your time in getting the recognition to an acting/ drama-teaching career.

Plus, you need to
- at least attended Secondary 4 Education in Singapore
- no health problem

and you are ready to sign up!

This course is fully practical which means that no theory examinations are required. Examiners will fly in from Trinity College London and assessment will be carried out one to one - which means that one student will be tested at one go. With this course, you will be rehearsed and prepared in the following areas

- Handling Monologues
- Improvisations
- Story Telling
- Poetry Dramatisations
- Voice and Theatre Games

Interested? Sign up now and we will assign you an audition date/ time. Yes, you need to be go through an audition but no worries, the audition is not to see how good you are, rather, to see if you have the potential to go through and complete this course.

Read up more about the course (including fees) at
For applications, download the application form at, fill it up and include a S$30/- cheque and mail to:

Tanglin Post Office
PO Box 412
Singapore 912414

Please note that $30/- registration is inclusive of audition fees.

Contact Benny Lim:

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