Yakshagana is the distinctive semi-folk art form that is characteristic of Karavali the coastal districts of Karnataka. There is fierce competition between the two styles Tenku and Badagu thittu. Tenku is prevalent in the Dakshina Kannada districts while Badagu is more in Udipi and Uttar Kannada districts. Tenku thittu shows influence of Kathakali with the Kerala maddalam used for background music. Badagu thittu has a typical Karnataka chande. There is also a difference in costumes, with the demon costumes in Thenku thittu closer to Kathakali than the Badagu.

The most eminent practitioner of Thenku thittu style of Yakshagana was the late Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhatta. Eminent litterateur K Shivram Karanth's Yakshagana Mandira at Saligrama village in Dakshina Kannada popularized the Badagu thittu and brought it to the stage in the form of a shortened Yakshagana ballet.
('Namma Karnataka,' The Times of India, Bangalore, Oct 20, 2006)

Dollu Kunita is a robust art form where the dancers carry the powerful and heavy dollu (a resounding drum) and perform a vigorous dance that is very attractive. It is most popular in the Malnad region, in particular Shimoga district. Calling for tremendous physical stamina and concentration, this dance form is a feature in all jathres and festivals of the region. Traditionally, it was performed only by men, but of late, women have been foraying into it and giving successful performances.
('Namma Karnataka,' The Times of India, Bangalore, Oct 24, 2006)

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