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November 2022


There is value only in those things
that burst forth from inspiration,
Which springs from
the irrational depths of our being
I delight in the barbaric and spontaneous
Elan of inspiration
Effervescent spiritual states,
Essential lyricism and inner tension

- Romanian philosopher EMIL CIORAN

Anita Ratnam

Fresh from the exhilaration of completing 8 shows of THE JUNGLE BOOK in Palo Alto and Houston, I returned with a menu list of injuries... In spite of some fabulous reviews for my role as KAA the serpent in THE JUNGLE BOOK, I felt like a wounded soldier returned from battle. Feet sore, forehead swollen with acetone infection, tired, overweight and listless. Add Vertigo to that list and you can picture me flat on my back for 10 days! I have spent most of October recovering and literally putting my feet up. Sprains, twists, hairline fractures all take time to heal and nothing helps more than R E S T.

I did manage to see several shows (yes, I hobbled to and fro carefully) - Bharatanatyam only - and realised how much I had missed listening to good Carnatic music and watching Bharatanatyam in the ambience of my Alma Mater- Kalakshetra. This month I will focus on the performances I watched in Chennai and the questions that arose from the varied experiences.

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Priyadarshini Ghosh, artistic director of Natyanova Performing Arts Centre, Kolkata, has been a member of Narthaki since 2001
Priyadarshini Ghosh
Pioneer in the digital world even when 'digital' was not the in word. One of the finest repositories of Performing Arts network connecting artistes worldwide. Happy to be part of it since its inception. Thank you, Narthaki.


Sruti Magazine completes 39 years this month.

The book THE 108 KARANA IN BHARATANATYAM DANCE THEATRE OF INDIA by Katia Légeret-Manochhaya has been published by Geuthner.

The Karaanaa Festival of Classical Dance takes place from Nov 4 to 6 at Natarani, Ahmedabad, featuring Mallika Sarabhai, Aditi Mangaldas and Geeta Chandran.


Drishtikon Dance Foundation announced the DR SUNIL KOTHARI AWARD FOR THE EMERGING ARTIST 2022 for RUPANSHI THAKRAR's submission 'Embracing the Future - ft. 90s Edition' with an award citation along with the cash prize of Rs. 51000. The jury members also gave a special mention to the works submitted by:
SHREEPUNYA MOHANTY / 'Antarnada - The inner voice': Second position
AVIKA BASSI / 'Embracing the future' & JASMINE YADAV / 'The creature in me is not upright': Both sharing the third position.

Utkal Dance and Research Academy presented GURU SAHADEV PADHI MEMORIAL AWARD to Guru Snehaprava Samantaray during the 19th Kumar Utsav on October 11, 2022 at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar.

Tridhara presented the following awards on Oct 30, 2022 at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar, during the 16th Guru Debaprasad Award Festival.
GURU DEBAPRASAD AWARD: Deepika Reddy (Kuchipudi) and Prerana Shrimali (Kathak)
GURU DEBAPRASAD PRATIVA AWARD: Tan Mei Mei (Kuala Lumpur, Odissi) and Sri Radhasyam Tarai (Ghuduki/Sakhi Nata)
GURU DEBAPRASAD SISHU PRATIVA AWARD: Aishwaryaa Lakshmi Errisson (Kuala Lumpur) and Suhana Mishra (Puri)

Nimmy Raphel of Adishakti, Pondicherry and Sharanya Ramprakash of Bangalore receive the SHANKAR NAG AWARD for 2022 with a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh each for their exceptional contribution to theater on November 1, 2022 at the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival.

Attakkalari presents
Vinayasa and Hatha yoga
Teacher training course

Oct 17 - Nov 24, 2022 Bangalore

Natya Tarangini presents
26th Parampara Festival

Raja Radha Rangmanch, 7pm
Nov 12 - 14, 2022 New Delhi

Guru Shradha presents
Kelucharan Keerti Sampradaya Festival 2022

Cubberley Theater, 3.30pm
Nov 13, 2022 Palo Alto, CA

Taal Connect Chapter V presents
Abhipsaa by Bijayini Satpathy

Azimganj House Rooftop, 6.30pm
Nov 13, 2022 Kolkata

State Museum, Bhubaneswar
State Museum, Bhubaneswar
Photo: Ileana Citaristi


Bangalore based much-in-demand dance accompanist and popular young virtuoso mridangist Lingaraju passed away after a heart attack on the morning of October 26, 2022. He was 42.


Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti through Gandhi Leela
How refreshing and fitting to mark Gandhi Jayanti with a performance of Gandhi Leela, chiming with the Ram Leela festivities, celebrating the victory of good over evil!

Central to Indian aesthetic and philosophical traditions is sringar in all its facets
A feature of the post Covid performance scene has been in the region of recently published books on dance. Close on the heels of Kathak Lok is Shringara in Classical Dance, brought out by Shubi Publications, edited by dancer/scholar Sharon Lowen.


Durga Puja 2021 | R&D by Pickle Factory Dance Foundation

Boston Dynamics' robot Spot has “permission to dance” to BTS' popular hit song
- Brittney Grimes
The dancing robots performed in a video that was in conjunction with a concert held by BTS in Busan, South Korea.

Mirror Image Jatiswaram
In this virtual dance collaboration, three dancers bring out the concept of a mirror image. Performed by Anitha Srikant, Saidharshana Dhantu and Stuti Mukherjee.

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