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MGM University
Mahagami Gurukul Centre for Performing Arts
Dance | Music | Theatre Arts | Folk Arts | Indic Studies
Admissions for 2022-2023 open
Sept 14, 2022



MAHAGAMI GURUKUL is one of the premiere Arts Organisations in India since 1996 that is known as an important centre for training, promotion, dissemination and research in the field of Traditional Arts, especially Indian Classical (Shastric) Dances Kathak and Odissi. Having worked with more than 2000 past students and 100,000 followers and art-seekers from across the world; MAHAGAMI is an ideal blend of traditional wisdom, ancient Gurukul pedagogy and contemporary outlook. In 2019, MAHAGAMI GURUKUL Centre for Performing Arts under the MGM University (recognised by UGC) came into being under the leadership of Vidushi Parwati Dutta as the Dean. Various courses in Online/Blended/On-Campus mode have been designed and introduced with an aim to empower the artistically inclined, highly motivated, disciplined and creative aspirants who are interested in shaping their future as mainstream artists, arts-writers, creators, knowledgeable curators, evolved arts administrators, erudite scholars and awakened teachers.

Admissions for the Academic year 2022-23 are in progress for the following courses:

Certificate Programs
(minimum SSC, 10th Class Pass, No prior background needed)
1. Foundation Certificate in Kathak | 2 Years | KALĀ-ĀDHĀR कला आधार
2. Foundation Certificate in Odissi | 2 Years | KALĀ-ĀDHĀR कला आधार
3. Foundation Certificate in Music | 2 Years | KALĀ-ĀDHĀR कला आधार
4. Foundation Certificate in Manipuri | 2 Years | KALĀ-ĀDHĀR कला आधार - मणिपुरी नृत्य
5. Certificate in Spoken Sanskrit | 3 Months | SANSKRITĀYANAM संस्कृतायनम्
6. Certificate in Indian Theatre Arts | 3 Months | RANGĀRKA
7. Certificate in Dance Appreciation | 6 Months- weekend | KALĀ SPARSHA कला स्पर्ष

 Diploma Programs 
(minimum HSC, 12th Class pass, 3-4 years prior training)
1. Diploma in Kathak | 2 Years | KALĀ-UDAYAN कला उदयन कथक
2. Diploma in Odissi | 2 Years |  KALĀ-UDAYAN कला उदयन उडीसी
3. Diploma in Dhrupad Music | 2 Years |  KALĀ-UDAYAN कला उदयन - ध्रुपद
4. Diploma in Natyashastra | 1 Year- weekend | NĀTYĀRPAṆA

 Graduation Degree Programs  
(minimum HSC, 12th Class pass, 4-5 years prior training)
1. BPA in Kathak | 4 Years |  KALĀ-VID कला विद् - कथक
2. BPA in Odissi | 4 Years | KALĀ-VID कला विद् - उडीसी

 Post-Graduation Degree Programs   
1. MPA in Kathak | KALĀ-KOVID कला कोविद् - कथक
2. MPA in Odissi | KALĀ-KOVID कला कोविद् - उडीसी
3. M.A. Indology
4. M.A. Musicology

For further assistance, Please call / WhatsApp 9372093189
MAHAGAMI Academic Desk |

To create future generation artists, teachers, researchers, creators, arts entrepreneurs and leaders is the main objective of MAHAGAMI. Instructional sessions in music, sanskrit, yoga, Indology, computer applications, theatre, visual arts, meditation, environment, Gandhian thoughts, etc are included in the curriculum in addition to rigorous training in the chosen art form in order to enhance students' knowledge base and equip them with a good command on their artistic abilities. MAHAGAMI initiatives range from imparting dance and music training in performing arts, to social and educational outreach projects; from research, publication, heritage projects, curatorial initiatives, to community participation projects, wellness and healing, and performances in national and international forums and festivals. The students of MAHAGAMI are exposed to a rich experience of learning and performing at National and International Festivals and Conferences in addition to participating in many community-centric and research assignments. MAHAGAMI envisions its own Artist Facilitation Programme that can offer consultation and coordination for its students to perform, teach, curate and work as professional artists.

In the process of pursuing the chosen programme at MAHAGAMI GURUKUL Center for Performing Arts, the dance aspirant is equipped with a sound understanding of the dance style and with devoted practice, deep observation, and involved participation in all spheres of training; the learner is gradually able to create short dance narratives, initiate dance dialogues, understand body dynamics and blend concepts from theory and practice in his/her ‘artsphere’ to paint his/her own ‘artscape’.

Learning Spaces
MAHAGAMI GURUKUL is a spacious lush green campus with 6 aesthetically designed cottages that form the learning spaces for dance, music, yoga, instruments and theatre. In addition, there are performance spaces, dining cottage, residential spaces and administrative section that form a complete ecosystem of its own for training, furtherance and promotion of arts. Large shady trees form punctuations and breathing zones between the independent units and thus, there is ample provision of social distancing and safety precautions.

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