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November 2022

The Covid Conundrum
- Ranee Kumar
Of late, classical performing arts are posing a challenge to the practitioners. The up and coming, younger crop of artistes are at crossroads.

Bold new Bharatanatyam steps
- Rupa Srikanth
With increasing experimental solo and group productions, Bharatanatyam is proving to be both adaptive and inclusive.

Perpetuating the impermanence
- Sindhuja
Dance, like any other performing art, is transient. For such to be saved for the future, archiving is a way.
The origins and influence of body percussion
- Brenda Dixon-Gottschild
Crash. Bump. Thump. Thwack. Whack. Knock. These are a few of the many synonyms of the word "percussion." All of them are appropriate when we look at the ways world cultures use the body as an instrument.

'Don't worry, just watch': how do you tell a story through dance?
- Lyndsey Winship
What can choreographers do to avoid audiences getting lost? From Matthew Bourne's fairytales to staging Margaret Atwood and Peaky Blinders, we find out.

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