featured in 2005
Culture is dynamic
- Priyambada Mohanty-Hejmadi
e-mail: mohantyhejmadi@hotmail.com
Tamil compositions for abhinaya
- Lakshmi Viswanathan, Chennai
e-mail: lakshminritya@hotmail.com
(Courtesy Natya Kala Conference 2004)
Putting the record straight
- Bibhuti Mishra, Bhubaneswar
e-mail: mbibhuti60@dataone.in
(in response to Ramli Ibrahim's interview "A storm in a teacup")
In search of the 'authentic' in the Performing Arts
- Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Delhi
e-mail: shanta_singh_serbjeet@yahoo.com
Oh to be in Chennai !!
- Deepa Ganesh, Manchester
e-mail: upasana_uk@hotmail.com
The costumes of the Sutra Odissi dancers of Malaysia:
A dialogue with textual and substantial evidences
- Dr. Soubhagya Pathy, Rahul Acharya, Chittaranjan Bairisal and Harsa Kumar Satapathy
Costume: moral values
- Ram Rahman, New York City
e-mail: ramrahman@yahoo.com
Dance costumes
- Sukanya Rahman, Maine
e-mail: sukanya@gwi.net
Nayika Bheda- s - aka pamper the male ego
- Parimal Phadke
e-mail: parimalphadke@hotmail.com
Nritya - Sampurna Samarpan
Total Dedication
- Alaknanda, Noida
e-mail: info@kathakindia.org
Indian children - modern denizens of an advanced society or ignorant heirs of a forgotten past?
- Ranjana Dave, Mumbai
e-mail: ranjana_rocks@yahoo.co.in
Scripting with a landscape
- Aparna Sharma, Glamorgan
e-mail: Aparna31S@netscape.net
Haksar revisited: overhaul the Akademis
- Lada Guruden Singh, Delhi
e-mail: lada.singh@gmail.com
A moot point (Poem)
- Kala Ramesh, Pune
e-mail: nonesuch@vsnl.net
To conform or to rebelů
- Deepa Mahadevan, CA
e-mail: deepamahadevan77@yahoo.co.in
International Dance Day messages
29 April 2005
- Prof. Alkis Raftis (President of CID)
- Miyako Yoshida
- Mamata Niyogi Nakra
Preparations for April 29, 2005: International Dance Day
- Prof. Alkis Raftis
e-mail: president@cid-unesco.org
Anu-naad (Resonance) (Poem)
- Kala Ramesh, Pune
e-mail: nonesuch@vsnl.net
Sthayi Bava and Hollywood
- Deepa Mahadevan, CA
e-mail: deepamahadevan77@yahoo.co.in
Becoming and remaining successful in the dance profession
- Padma Chebrolu, OH
e-mail: padma@culturalcentreofindia.com
Creation and Silences
- Kala Ramesh, Pune
e-mail: nonesuch@vsnl.net