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Anu-naad (Resonance)
- Kala Ramesh, Pune

March 5, 2005

An unusual form of 13 short poems
One-liners, two-liners and three-liners!
Poems, which in their brevity seem to create imagery.
Abhinaya in words and rasa in form, quintessentially Indian in nature.
These poems are inspired by the Japanese form of short poems called Haiku

Anu-naad (Resonance)
cascade of taans,
single parijat like sargams
lie on the pathway

sucked in its own swamp - ego loses the art of being a rasika

in music, to reach swara's abode is like walking on a razor's edge

the raga weaves through the tala and then looks back at her handiwork
- raga vistaar

a bee hovers around the flower oozing serenades -
and lovers? bicker

eye glasses make a show of what it does -
eyes just see

trees love to rain-dance -
while the singer sits behind glass doors

raga music like nature is best
when cell phones are switched off

Silences of the tree;
the hill and the sky
join the deep silences in music

ustad bade ghulam
singing a thumri
- will love never become stale?

flighty taans
like eagles
know how to take off

facial expressions
lilting movements melting -

Viraha geet is playing
touching me, I weep
for my lost heart

Deep in raga -
the sudden applause
startles the singer.

A musical note lives for that moment and fades into the void…that sacred silence. And Hindustani music being completely extempore is as fresh as a just bloomed lily. Being very similar in form, music attracted Kala to Haiku and Tanka… In all these three instances, she believes there is a resonance that lingers in the spirit long after the sound has faded.

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