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A moot point
- Kala Ramesh, Pune

May 10, 2005
Out of sheer nothing
the musician
begins her sculpture.
To give roop, rang and
rasa to the Raga.
Minute by minute
the raga takes shape
to become a
living entity, pulsating,
sheer beauty.
As the artiste gives
form to the raga
the sound fades away
into silence . . .
only the memory of
the melody remains.
The raga vistar
for that moment alone.
Being in the present,
rooted in the IS...
the ultimate in
the journey of life

Today - technology
captures the masters,
past and present,
each rendition for posterity,
for inspiration and imitation.

Would this then
lead to cloning?

Initially the writer started off with South Indian Carnatic Veena, but later she switched over to Hindustani Classical Vocal under Pandit Krishnanand - Chennai. After her marriage, Kala had the fortune of working on Pt Kumar Gandharava's compositions and Nirguni bhajans along with the paramparic bandishes of the Gwalior Gharana, under the guidance of Shubhada Chirmulay, Pune. Kala has performed widely in India. She also has several articles published on Shastriya Sangeet and Indian thought to her credit. She is a just-turned haiku poet and her poems are poised for publication in reputed magazines abroad.

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