Narthaki brings you a first in a series of young dancers who are performing in the Margazhi season. These reports are written by guest writers and sometimes audience members. This will be an occasional column.


Bag of good music and excellent rendition by young artistes

Impressive Bharatanatyam by Jyothsna Akilan

Shreyasi Gopinath: A delightful artist to watch

Captivating recital by Divya Ravi

Delightful recital by Prateeksha

Scintillating Bharatanatyam by Shivangi and Aninditha Nagarajan
- Melattur S Natarajan

Captivating recitals by Sivasri Skandaprasad and Tanya Saxena

Graceful recital by Smrithi Chanjeevaram

Scintillating recital by Meera Sreenarayanan

Vivacious recital by Lakshitha Saravanan

Captivating recital by Kavya Kasinathan

Scintillating recital by Katyayani Gupta

Captivating recital by Aishwarya Balasubramanian

Impressive recital by Aparna Jayaram

Two dazzling gems at Navaneetham's Yuva Nrithyathi
- Supriya Rajan

Bharatanatyam marked by precision and polish
- Dr. M. Surya Prasad

Madhyama Segal's Odissi recital
- Dr.Sunil Kothari

Maintaining a competitive edge is key to winning the hearts of rasikas
- Uma Balasubramaniam

Nithya Nagarajan: Brimming with promise
- PVS Manian