Captivating recital by Kavya Kasinathan

February 23, 2016

Kavya Kasinathan, disciple of Mithun Shyam, himself a disciple of the legend Padmini Ramachandran of Bangalore gave a captivating recital under the aegis of Shri Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha in Sivasami Kalalaya, on 15th February 2016 in Chennai.

Kavya commenced the recital with a Pushpanjali followed by Alarippu in Chathurashram and Thishram which provided a good start. She followed it up with the evergreen Dasavathara krithi "Parkadal alaimele pambanayin mele, Palli kondaai Ranganatha, undan padamalar nizhal tedi paravashamodu padi gati perave jnanam nitan deva." Kavya's abhinaya for these lines were of such a maturity that it was a treat to watch her. Dasavathara was fully brought to light very skillfully by her and the sancharis for Narasimha Avatara for the lines "engirukkiran avan engirukkiran Hari engirukkiran sollada ena Hiraniyan shollai, idaimaritte avan pillai" subsequently followed by Narasimha tearing the body of Hiranyakashipu to the point of drinking his blood drew a standing ovation from the audience. It was outstanding and similarly her delineation of Geethopadesa by Krishna to Arjuna was of a very high order. The jathis were executed with immaculate precision. In short, Kavya's angashudham, adavu shudham and aramandi were noteworthy.

The padam section included a javali by Pattabhiramayya in Purvi Kalyani "Nee Matale Mayanura Sami Balkara" where the heroine complains that Venkateshwara made so many promises, told her in her ears many messages and cheated her. In the lines, "Ememo bodhinci nan yemara je sevuda" followed by other lines in the charanam "Cakkani samivale cekkili nokki rave mukkera nikiccenani takkulace sokkincina" and "Matti Matti ke maru matalada pilsisu patilu pampinchani thathotamu thoneetina" - meaning the hero promised her a star studded nose ring and earrings and ultimately not giving her anything and totally disappointed her. The fitting finale was a Daasara Nama "Yarige Vadhuvaguve" asking Goddess Mahalakshmi whether she was going to marry Rama, Krishna or Venkatesha. This was also beautifully depicted by Kavya.

She was ably supported by Sasidharan on vocal, Guru Bharadwaj on percussion, and Muruganandam on violin. Mithun Shyam wielded the cymbals very creditably. The support by the accompanying artists greatly enriched the recital. Kavya was lively throughout the performance, there was not a single dull moment and she held the attention of the audience throughout. If she continues her passion, with great opportunities coming her way, she will go places.