Graceful recital by Smrithi Chanjeevaram

August 10, 2016

Smrithi Chanjeevaram gave a graceful recital under the aegis of Krishna Gana Sabha on 27th July 2016, under the NRI talent promotion series. Smrithi commenced the recital with a Pushpanjali and prayer in the raga Bangala "Giri Raja Sudha" on Ganesha meaning - Elephant faced Ganesha and Chief of the Celestial Spirit, Moon of the Ocean of Vedas, Bestower of auspiciousness, Remover of impediments and one who wears Adhisesha as a bracelet to bestow his grace on the devotee. This was followed by "Sri Chakra Raja" on Devi for which she rendered very convincing abhinaya. Particularly the line "Uzhandru thirindha ennai uthamanakki vaithai" was very well delineated.

The central piece was Neelambari varanam of violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman commencing with the words "Sendhil nagar mevum deva Siva bala" where the nayika questions the hero Muruga for his indifference and asks him whether it is proper on his part not to bestow his grace on her. "Idu taghumo dharmam thano varadirundhida varmam eno" and this was well portrayed by Smrithi. Again "Va va adum mayil midhu va azhaga Muruga nee .... En murai kettilaiyo vara manamllaiyo sevi pugavillaiyo ini agilum" was very delectably essayed by the artist. The jathis were executed very neatly. Araimandi, angasudham and adavusudham were prominent in the recital.

The next piece "Vishamakara Kannan" of Oothukadu Venkata Kavi by Smrithi was really a delight to watch. The artist concluded the recital with a thillana in raga Madhuvanthi again by Lalgudi Jayaraman and the performance was an extremely satisfying one.

Smrithi was accompanied by Preethi Mahesh on vocal, Vedakrishna Ram on the percussion, Kalaiarasan on violin and Devaraj on flute. Guru Kripa Baskaran wielded the cymbals effectively. The accompaniments deserve a special mention.