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August 1, 2019

LOVE is a fire
That dies out
If it does not kindle others

YOU have burned with joy
So kindle them who come near you
If you can

Or become a stone

- Italian artist Giovanni Papini

In the midst of rehearsals, performances and more gushing in the guise of reviews on Facebook, I turn my lens to fewer topics but those that have caught my attention this past month.

Read on...

Ranganathaswamy temple, Srirangam, Tamilnadu
Photo: Vivek Mariappan

You can look at dance like a painting; you can look at it as completely abstract, where the body is saying something.
- Ramli Ibrahim
(‘Malaysia’s Odissi connect’ by Gowri S, The Hindu, May 20, 2019)

Avinash Pasricha (photographer): Aug 2
Navtej Johar (BN): Aug 8
Vyjayanthimala Bali (BN): Aug 13
Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody (Kathakali): Aug 15
Rajee Narayan (BN): Aug 19
Ramaa Bharadvaj (BN): Aug 25

Vivarta by Shri Kalaa Mandir
- Elsa Johnson and Victor Lucas

The 6th edition of Mulam
- Rathna Supriya Sridharan

Karna Rasayana and the Natyashastra
- Poornima Ramaprasad

Shringaar in Odissi dance: A recollection
- Translated from Odia by Malabika Patel
- Edited, notes and pics by Ileana Citaristi

Resonating in Rasa
- Sunil Sunkara

Rhythmic narratives of Pt Lacchu Maharaj
- The Kavit Paran
- Paullumi B Mukherjee

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