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April 1, 2018


- Chant for Women's History Month (March)

This month's thoughts come to you from the freezing cold of Minneapolis, where I made a brief but joyous visit to reunite with my high school friends. The simple pleasure of connecting with gal pals with whom you once shared lunches, brief crushes, sports, gossip and mark sheets cannot be replicated at any other phase of your life.

My school mates just happen to be extraordinary women. Many firsts in our class batch from Presentation Convent Church Park are now Cabinet Ministers, Academic leaders, medical experts, CEOs and National Arts Awardees. However, all these prefixes fall away as do the years when we gathered.

Except for me, nobody else in the group is in the arts although one dynamo is on the board of the Guthrie Theatre and a generous arts patron. Still, we attended the opera, a jazz concert and spoke in unison about the arts being the humanizing glue to our lives.

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Devadasi's legacy to the saint poet's glory

Challenges in procuring public art grants for art and culture programmes

Conversations with God

Bhopal Diary

8th Olympic Theatre Seminar on Natyashastra

Death and Resurrection

Folk Art embodying eternal spirit

Bonding with Global Theatre

Delving into Folk roots

Kampahareswarar temple, Tribhuvanam
Photo: Lalitha Venkat

Gharana does not mean being under house arrest. It is a house with many windows giving you a clear view of the world.
- Saswati Sen
('The style spin' by Chitra Swaminathan, The Hindu Friday Review, Jan 19, 2018)
Birthday wishes
MK Saroja (BN): April 7
VP Dhananjayan (BN): April 17
Ambika Panicker (Odissi): April 20
Elakshiben Thakore (BN): April 21
Uma Dogra (Kathak): April 23
Aruna Mohanty (Odissi): April 25
A Janardhanan (Kathakali): April 25
Sonal Mansingh (Odissi): April 30

India International Dance Festival - IIDF - Mumbai, March 2018
Photos/videos: Suchit Nanda

NCPA presents
Mudra Dance Festival

Apr 13, 21 & 22, 2018

Sweating Saris By Priya Srinivasan & Ramya Harishankar
Apr 20-27, 2018 CA & WA

Mahagami celebrates
Nritya Vishwa: World Dance Day

Apr 21 & 22, 28 & 29 Aurangabad

Natya Vriksha celebrates
World Dance Day

Apr 28 & 29, 2018 New Delhi

Natya presents
Rama Vaidyanathan's Vivartana

Apr 29, 2018 Naperville, IL

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanti Bhagavata Mela Natya Nataka Sangam presents 78th Year Bhagavata Mela Nataka Mahotsav
May 17 - 26, 2018 Melattur

Jonathan Hollander: Dance allows people to forget they have been traumatized
- Shveta Arora

Celebration of Chaitra Parv Chhau Festival
- Pallavi Verma

Reading the language of theatre
- Dr. S D Desai

Showcase of Indian classical dance in Sydney
- Mohan Ayyar

Precocious talent
-Jyothi Raghuram

Imaginative visualization of Tagore's Chitrangada in Assamese                  
- Dr. S.D. Desai

Maturity of approach
- Jyothi Raghuram

Kuranga Nayani
-Tapati Chowdurie

Swan Lake takes rebirth in Odissi
- G. Ulaganathan

Tandava presents Gita Bhagavatam
- Rashmi Thaper

Kristha Patha: A Bharatanatyam margam on Christ
- Radhika Shetty

Natya Manjari
- Ryan Nathan

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