December 17, 2016 Chennai
Rinda Saranya Dance presents KALAVANTULA NRUTYAM, courtly and salon dance from south India. Taught and sung by Annabhattula Lakshmi Mangatayaru and Annabhattula Leela Sayi. Danced by Dr. Yashoda, Annabhattula Bharati, Hemasri, Sirisha and Aalekhya. Intro and commentary by Prof Davesh Soneji. 
At: Alliance Francaise de Madras, College Road, 7pm

Dec 19, 2016 Chennai
Arangham launches MIRROR MIRROR, a notebook on Aharya at Chamiers Café, 7pm

Dec 25, 2016 Chennai
As part of the December festivities, Arangham presents a morning of music featuring Jayanthi Kumaresh on veena and Anil Srinivasan on piano at SPACES, 1 Beach Rd, Besant Nagar, at 7.30am
Dec 8 & 10, 2016 Nanguneri, Tirukurungudi (Tamilnadu)
Arangham hosts the annual ritual theatre KAISIKA NATAKAM, the10th century performance-art, unique to AZHAGIYA NAMBI TEMPLE, Tirukurungudi, the only sacred site for the annual ritual. This is an all-night drama and dance performance laced with the story of a demon who demands the life of a devotee preparing to offer prayers to the Lord on this special night which falls in the lunar month of Kaisiki (mid-Nov/early Dec). The ensuing debate and the actual ritual, saturated with eloquent poetry in old Tamil, snatches of humour and dance, attracts thousands to this shrine.

- Dec 8, 8pm: Performance at NANGUNERI PERUMAL TEMPLE
- Dec 10, 9.30pm: Main performance at AZHAGIYA NAMBI TEMPLE, Tirukurungudi

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-  Malavika Sarukkai

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Anita says.....
With white designs I decorate the streets of Your procession
Before dawn washes the sky I wash myself in the chill river
Small smooth twigs I rouse to holy flame while calling
You, Kamadeva, to descend and fulfill my prayer
Blossoms dripping nectar I string into garlands while chanting
The name of the dark one who tore Bakasura's beak.
I beseech You: inscribe my name on Your flower arrow
And shoot into my lord Narayana
- AANDAAL's Naachiyar Tirumozhi 9th century ACE
Translated by Priya Sarukkai Chabria

A year ago. The evening of December 1, 2016, two Tempo vans were floating in a sea of torrential rain water. The vans were carrying 10 dancers en route to the airport for a tour of Thailand. The passengers never reached their destination. After 2 hours of nerve wracking traffic and abandoned cars, the vehicles returned to my home filled with teary eyed, dejected dancers. It was ARANGHAM DANCE THEATRE’s South East Asia tour of Thailand and Cambodia - a tour that the #CHENNAIFLOODS ensured did not happen.

What followed in my city over the next 5 days is history.

The paralyzed state government was unable to handle the crisis of their own making. The rains did less damage than the opening of the reservoir pipes at midnight while we were asleep! What did emerge was the citizen’s call to action and the thrilling way in which strangers helped one another. The city of Bengaluru rushed - it seemed en masse - to help our marooned Chennaites! Artistes were homeless and many lost everything in those terrible, dark and gloomy days. The national and international call for aid was met with a spontaneous and generous outpouring of aid in so many forms besides cash - a heartwarming display of generosity and camaraderie.

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"I particularly love Indian dance because it not only can allow me a highly nuanced engagement with the body but, in addition, it also offers me the opportunity to externalize my interiority."
- Navtej Johar
(‘Where dance, yoga and urban activism meet’ by Tishani Doshi, The Hindu’s Thread, Oct 21, 2016)

Discovering dance in Bombay’s libraries:
Dance critic Dr. Sunil Kothari on reading in a bygone era

Birthday wishes

Melattur S Natarajan (Bhagavatamela): Nov 30
Kalamandalam Suganthy (Mohiniattam): Dec 2
Dr. Sunil Kothari (scholar): Dec 20
Yamini Krishnamurthy (BN): Dec 20
Ratikant Mohapatra (Odissi): Dec 24
Kapila Vatsyayan (scholar): Dec 25
Syed Sallaudin Pasha (dance therapy): Dec 28
Rhadha (BN): Dec 31

Cartoon by Veena Basavarajaiah
Dance Work-shop

This is a cartoon which addresses the need for professional schools for dance in India. The lack of resources and public funding has not led to the growth of dance schools beyond garages and living rooms of dance teachers.

SUNAINA premieres
Jai Ganesh

Dec 5, 2016 New Delhi

Arangham presents Odissi by Nrityantar Dance Ensemble Ritual theater Kaisika Natakam
Dec 10, 2016 at Azhagiya Nambi Temple, Tirukurungudi

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Tripura Sundari Dance and Music Festival
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Adivasi Adibimb Festival at Chaibasa
- Tapati Chowdhurie

Krishna Leelarnavam in Melbourne
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Natya Sampradhyam: Dance journey of Bhagavathas
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Darpana dazzle at Hampi and DIAF

Fluidity and lyricism meet strict technique
- Shveta Arora

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