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Dhananjayan uvaacha!

Notions of “classical” in Bharatanatyam: a cultural operation of the classes - arguments of
the cosmopolitan Margi and indigenous Desi, repertoires of the Nayak period

- Dr. Swarnamalya Ganesh
e-mail: swarnamalya@gmail.com

Revitalising Kuchipudi art and heritage
- Sudha Sridhar
e-mail: sudhasridhar@hotmail.com

British South Asian dance and the Bessies
- Sanjeevini Dutta
e-mail: sanjeevini@pulseconnects.com

Kuchipudi Bhagavathamelam: A rich cultural heritage
- Tadepalli Satyanarayana
e-mail: kuchipudi.bhagavathamelam@gmail.com

The role of the arts in developing sustainable inter-ethnic engagement in Malaysia
- Ramli Ibrahim
e-mail: ramlii@hotmail.com

Vadya Pallavi: the concept and process
-  Parwati Dutta 
e-mail: parwatidutta@gmail.com

Mohiniyattam Missteps - A few observations
- Methil Devika
e-mail: methil_d@yahoo.com

From Question to Quest: Is the answer within the journey itself?
- Shila Mehta
e-mail: mehtashila@hotmail.com

Nritta - The journey into Shanta rasa
- Padmaja Suresh
e-mail: padmajasuresh@hotmail.com

Steps’ Mother
- Dr. Anita Ratnam

Gender and Dance
- Dr. Neena Prasad
e-mail: drneenaprasad@gmail.com

Enabling women through education (an artiste’s perspective)
- Dr. Padmaja Suresh
e-mail: padmajasuresh@hotmail.com

Madhur Milan
- Mayuri Upadhya
e-mail: info@nritarutya.com

Theatre workshop on source of performance energy
- Ashwini Kaarthikeyan
e-mail: ashwinikaarthikeyan@gmail.com

Clothes too have stories to tell
- Ashwini Kaarthikeyan
e-mail: ashwinikaarthikeyan@gmail.com

Odissi: a flower without the fragrance?
- Ileana Citaristi
e-mail: ileana5@hotmail.com