featured in 2008
My trip to Lahore
- Mayuri Upadhya, Bangalore
e-mail: nritarutya@gmail.com

The flavoring and the flowering of Shringara rasa
- Kala Ramesh, Pune

Differences between the theatrical, court and ritual traditions of Vilasini Natyam
- Swapnasundari, Delhi
e-mail: vilasininatyam@yahoo.co.in

Dancing figures from the temple cars of South India
Text and photos: Dr. Susil Pani, Pondicherry

The art critic
- V P Dhananjayan, Chennai
e-mail: bkalanjali@gmail.com

The rise and fall of the nattuvanar
- A Seshan, Mumbai
e-mail: anseshan@gmail.com

Why do I dance?
- Anita R Ratnam, Chennai
e-mail: arangham@gmail.com

Talam structure
Compiled by Mallika Jayanti
e-mail: mallikajobs@yahoo.com

Thitambu Nritham
- Kodoth Rajan
e-mail: rajan_kodoth@yahoo.co.in

Who am I? In search of Me in Abhinaya
- Purvadhanashree, Delhi
e-mail: purvadhanashree@gmail.com

Some funny enquiries we dancers face!!
- Mayuri Upadhya & Nayana Bhat, Bangalore
e-mail: nritarutya@rediffmail.com

- Mallika Jayanthi, Newcastle, Australia
e-mail: mallikajobs@yahoo.com

World Dance Day
- Pandithar Sivakumar Perumal, Pune
e-mail: spandithar@yahoo.com

The future of Bharatanatyam: A rasika's view
- Aneal Krishnamurthy, VA
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- Compiled by Mallika Jayanti, Newcastle, Australia
e-mail: mallikajobs@yahoo.com

A very special moment I'd like to share
- Romi Chopra, Delhi
The difference between Devaranama and Padam
- Mallika Jayanti, Newcastle, Australia
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Official message for Dance Day: 29 April 2008
- Compiled by Mallika Jayanti, Newcastle, Australia
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February 29 - a significant date
British Bharatanatyam: What's in a name?
- Shrikant Subramaniam
e-mail: sriks26@hotmail.co.uk
Remembering Padmini Rao
- Shantha Rao, UK
e-mail: shantha@annapurnadance.com
Cosmic Dance
- Sharada Srinivasan, Bangalore
e-mail: sharadasrinivasa@yahoo.com