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"A Tribute"
Lakshmi Knight (1943 - 2001)
by Kamala Cesar Buckner

Sep 2002

Outside of Luise Scripps who made it possible for those of us here in America to study with Bala, I think of how Lakshmi played such an important role in making it happen. From the first time studying with them in 1972 at Mills College, then University of Washington, Seattle, the numerous Berkeley sessions, Duke University, Wesleyan, and the six-month intensive in Madras (Chennai) - they were all facilitated by Lakshmi. She was constantly by Bala's side. She must have made great personal sacrifices in order to be so dedicated. It was a constant struggle and there were so many demons to battle. But she never gave up and she did the best she could. I feel deeply grateful for all that she did to keep Bala's great art alive. I will always remember that as I continue teaching and sharing this great tradition with others.

Kamala Cesar, Artistic Director/Founder
Lotus Music and Dance
New York City

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