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A Winter's Tale: Margazhi Moments
 (A literary take on the Margazhi season)
- Hema Iyer Ramani
January 7, 2017
(This was first published in Sruti in 2014)

Most dance productions (solo/group) seem to have a Shakespearean context. While most dancers would have us believe that their productions are nothing short of ‘A mid- summer night's dream,’ more often than not, they turn out to be ‘Much ado about nothing’ at least in content!

Critics often face the melodramatic “Et tu, Brute?” when artistes do not get to read what they wish to see.

Opinionated artistes often see a rival as Cassius, and if the critic were to describe them as Brutus, they turn out to be Mark Antony themselves!

To a critic who loves his job, it is a perpetual dilemma then, "To be, or not to be?"

Some seasoned critics face a different situation. Everyone familiar with ‘Macbeth’ will remember the speech after the “terrible deed was done.”  - "What, in this house?"  Just imagine the plight then of critics who find themselves as honourable guests in the homes of hospitable artistes: they will then turn around to ask - "What! Of this house?" if they were ever asked to write “a free and fair review” on their host! The review would more likely read like a ‘Comedy of errors’ perhaps?
A former lecturer of Political Science at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, Chennai-based writer Hemalatha Ramani contributes to newspapers, magazines and blogs. She is the author of a travel book, Soulscapes: Travels and Conversations in India.  She writes under the name of Hema Iyer Ramani.

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