In the Aachiyar Kuravai, Ilango Adigal describes a dance by seven girls in a circular formation. This is a metaphor for the seven nerambu (svaras). The seven nerambu are known as Kural (Sa), Thutham (Ri), Kaikalai (ga), Uzhai (ma), Ili (pa), Villari (da), Tharam (ni). This circular formation is known as a Vattapalai. Commentators place these seven notes in a circle that has twelve places. These twelve places are associated with the twelve zodiacs.
(‘Celebrating unheard melodies’ by TM Krishna, The Hindu, Dec 25, 2010)

Yuko Sumida currently based in Japan worked with Michael Jackson as a dancer for over 5 years, went on tours and was featured in MJ's videos. An incredible dancer, she trained in various dance styles including Bharatanatyam. Yuko is the only Asian that Michael worked with.

The first aesthetician who discussed lasya in terms of desi is probably King Bhoja. But the first ever description of desi lasyangas was available in Sangeeta Ratnakara. Saranga Dev discusses lasyangas only in the context of desi. Sangeeta Ratnakara mentions 10 desi lasyangas. In Parsva Dev’s Sangeet Samaya Saar, there’s detailed description of 28 lasyangas. In his Nritta Ratnavali, Jaya Senapati enumerated 48 lasyangas. Sangeeta Chintamani mentions 28 desi lasyangas.
(‘The story of lasya’ by Dr. Vibha Dadheech, Nartanam, Apr-July 2006)
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