Anangabhima Deva completed the construction of the Jagannath temple in 1189 and built a dance hall containing the shrine of goddess Lakshmi. During his reign, Maheswar Mahapatra who graced the royal court, wrote the Abhinaya Chandrika, a comprehensive treatise on the classical dance of Orissa. This old palm leaf manuscript is a detailed study of the various movements of the feet, hands and standing postures, the movement and the dance repertoire. (Chapter "Dance in Ancient Orissa", Dance Dialects of India by Ragini Devi, p141)

The Sun King's nickname comes from a lavish golden costume he once wore as a ballet dancer. Louis pirouetted in his youth and established the first professional ballet academy in France in the 17th century.
(Time, special issue, Aug 7 - 14, 2006)

Chidambaram means 'clothed in consciousness.' Chit-ambaram is a temple town 151 miles south of Chennai. The inner wall of the Nataraja temple here has 4 gopurams, 2 of which contain sculptural representations of the 108 karanas as described in the Natya Sastra. (Nartanam Vol II #3 July Sept 2002, "Ananda Coomaraswamy - Contribution to Indian dance criticism" by M Nagabhushana Sharma, p 23)

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