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Why are dancers so desperate for titles?

January 27, 2018

A recent series of news articles reveal a fake US university dispensing D Litt degrees. Two dancers have accepted these spurious honours.

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US dept of education confirms D.Litt scam by T Sudheesh
DC had reported about D Litts of 'Kings University' run by S. Selvin Kumar, a former faculty member of the Madurai Kamaraj University.

'Dr' penchant plagues danseuses by T Sudheesh
In that case, the so-called Kings University is merely a shell company formed to exploit people longing to become a 'doctor'.

Kerala Kalamandalam to probe Sunanda Kalaratna award by T Sudheesh
Registrar Dr K.K. Sundaresan said it would be unacceptable if she provided fake information.

Artistes call for busting 'fake D. Litt' rackets by T Sudheesh
The US department of education clarified that it had no mechanism to measure the quality of education offered by Kings University.

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