'Vision of Forever' by Ramli Ibrahim and Sutra Dance Theatre
Dec 14, 2005 Kalakshetra Theatre, Chennai
Text & photos: Lalitha Venkat

December 25, 2005

Presented by Aurodhan Gallery (Pondicherry) in association with Kalakshetra Foundation at Kalakshetra Theatre, Chennai
Vision of Forever by Ramli Ibrahim and dancers of Sutra Dance Theatre, Malaysia, with guest artiste Rahul Acharya from Bhubaneswar.

The evening of Odissi, comprised of compositions of gurus Deba Prasad Das, Durga Charan Ranbir and Gajendra Panda, rearranged by Ramli Ibrahim, artistic director of Sutra Dance Theatre.

Mangala Charanam (Hari Haro) invoked the powerful composite personification of both Shiva and Vishnu. Sthai (Tham Thei) was an item of pure dance embellishing the veena player, young maiden and drum player taken from the Shilpa Sastras which instructs the sculptor on the aesthetic of correct posture.

Rageshwari Pallavi was a pleasant duet by Ramli and Revathi Tamilselvam, beginning with a short verse alluding to the raga, personified here as the female Rageshwari, playing the veena born from Kama. Inspired by tantric texts of Karpuradi Stotram, Dasamahavidya (The 10 revelations of the Goddess Absolute) are visions of manifestations emanating from the Absolute Goddess - Shakti - as Kali, Tara, Bhubaneswari, Sodasi, Bagala, Chinnamasta, Matangi, Bhairavi, Kamala and Dhoomavati. Ardhanareeswara featured Ramli and January Low in another pleasing duet, followed by Mokshya, a dance of pure joy.

The Sutra dancers were January Low, Revathi Tamilselvam, Shantona Kumari Bag, Tan Mei Mei, Sivagamavalli Selvarajan and Geetika Sree. The beautiful backdrop made an aesthetic setting in the vast Kalakshetra stage with Sivarajah Natarajan directing the lights. The audience turn out was also very good.