Ballet in aid of Tsunami victims

November 17, 2005

Dr. Hema Rajan, Founder and Director of Nrithyopasana, Chennai, presented the ballet "Pancha Boothangal" at the Durga Mandir, Fairfax Station, Virginia, on October 29, as a fund raiser for Tsunami victims of Tamilnadu. Subhashini Krishnakumar commenced the program with A R Rehman's Vande Mataram followed by the traditional invocatory number Pushpanjali.

Lakshmi Baby, a renowned Kuchipudi dancer, depicted the Earth in an enchanting manner with her disciples. The element Akash was portrayed in beautiful Bharatanatyam style by Shruthi and Deepti Mukund and their students. Another accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer Shoba and her students, brought before the mindsí eye of the audience, the pathetic scenes on the shores after the Tsunami, in a very realistic manner. The element fire was represented in a forceful style by Kuchipudi exponent Mallika Ram Prasad, with her disciples. The show ended with a portrayal of Vayu (air) by Sapna Bhat, a charming dancer from Texas.

The temple auditorium was jam packed with a very appreciative audience who stayed on till 8.30pm, showing their admiration with standing ovation after each episode. With the help of the dancers, Hema Rajan was able to raise $1100 by sale of tickets. By bringing together the best of talents to serve a noble cause, her efforts are to be really commended.