Thirukkural Bharatam raises funds for Srilanka orphanage 
- Rathika Niroopan, Canada 
September 26, 2005 

I managed to organize a successful fund-raiser event for which the Pathmarajah sisters danced here in Canada on September11th. The 462 seat capacity theatre was filled to watch the classy presentation. Kavitha, Meera and Anjana danced beautifully in unison without a glitch. The compliments they received after the show was phenomenal. Because the Thirukkural was explained through Bharatanatyam, it drew a lot of crowd. Choreographed by the renowned dance couple, gurus and choreographers, the Dhananjayans, it is one of a kind of theatrical production I have ever seen in Canada. Shanta Akka’s commentary was brilliant. 

Dancers from India do performances here, mostly solo…and they are professional dancers so naturally the expectation of performance standard from rasikas is high. Kavitha, Meera and Anjana are involved in many other activities and they are not professional dancers yet presented the show with such perfection. I was indeed glad that I managed to bring them to a Canadian stage to an appreciative audience. We actually made a profit of $11, 816.00 Canadian Dollars to donate to a housing project for an Orphanage in Srilanka. The dancers were generous enough to perform it for free and all proceeds from ticket sales were donated to Tamil Children's Endowment Fund, who supported me financially to organize this program.