Beats and Feet featuring Samudra on 29th August at Arena, mac
- Paromita Sen Mukherjee

September 16, 2005

Samudra (a mirror of passion for dance), the Kerala-based contemporary arts performing institution presented their production Sound of Silence with an almost mechanical precision on 29th August in mac's outdoor Arena. Sound of Silence was the prime attraction of the main event 'Beats and Feet' jointly presented with sampad and mac, which also featured Lola Adodo, the British born Nigerian soloist, and Patel Hithwardak Mandal Youth Group with their fusion of Bollywood and traditional Gujarati dance.

From deft acrobatics, inspired by apparently the oldest form of martial arts Kalaripayattu, to yoga and classical Bharatanatyam, the flow of forms was fluid yet convincing and definitive.

The exchange of forms blended beautifully as one dancer balancing over another in acrobatic style also perfected a traditional Bharatanatyam posture. Director and dancer Madhu Gopinath with his well-toned body, exuded a lot of energy through his vivacious creative moves of Kalaripayattu and yoga. Also, director and dancer Vakkom Sajeev's rope trick was a novelty, balancing in the air with only his feet holding on to the rope hanging from steel bars.

Sajeev's comical piece with a mask was proof of his theatrical background. Deepa, the only female dancer's facial expressions, descriptive gestures both traditional and modern, spoke loudly of classical training.

With no apparent special effects Samudra's performance was inspirational to watch. Samudra's attempt to innovate and blend traditionalism and modernity is commendable. Visiting UK for their first national tour, Samudra is definitely on the winning trail. Although not clearly stated where such fusion and experimentation will lead to or what is their inherent purpose, it was gratifying to watch good entertainment.