Natya STEM Dance Company perform in Khajuraho Dance Festival
Photos: Srivatsa

March 15, 2005 

Natya STEM Dance Company is a collaboration of 2 highly acclaimed dance companies, the Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography and the STEM ( movement) Dance Theatre.
Born out of a need to showcase both the traditional Indian classical dance idiom and the evolving contemporary Indian dance form, using our indigenous physical disciplines, the Natya STEM Dance Ensemble maintains a high standard of presentation. 

Headed by internationally acclaimed choreographer Maya Rao and her daughter Madhu Nataraj-Heri, the performing unit has toured 28 countries worldwide winning appreciation from the audience and media alike.

On  27th of Feb 2005, Natya STEM Dance Company presented their work at the Khajuraho Dance Festival. Given the dynamics of the space, they created two pieces based on the concept of the union of energies, of Shiva- Shakti, of love, and choosing to   keep the feel traditional, they presented their Kathak work.

The items presented were Aum - Energies in Tandem, Ardhanaareshwar shloka and Dhamaar - Prabandh, Thumri - the music of love, Sargam, Taandav- reflections in Jhaptaal and Chaturang. Choreographed by guru Maya Rao and Madhu Nataraj-Heri, the performers included Madhu Nataraj-Heri, Brinda Jacob, Aparna Kolar, Ramya Nagaraj, Ponamma, Varsha Sharma, Rochana Luckea, Prakash Naidu, Tushar Bhatt , Janardhana Urs, and Kartik Datar. 

Music composed by Shankar Shanbhogue and Amit Heri, as well as compositions of the Dagar Brothers, Altaf Hussein Khan was featured. Lighting was by Sai Venkatesh and sound by Luckesh.