A Report 

Dance mania continues in January  

Bharatanatyam by Sreelata Suresh  
Jan 5, 2005 Bharat Kalachar, Chennai  
Text & photos: Lalitha Venkat 

January 8, 2005

After the Bharatanatyam performance by Sudharma Vaidyanathan, California based Sreelata Suresh presented “Sankhya, Numbers and Creation.” Mercifully, the eyesore of a décor used for Sudharma’s recital was removed.  
The theme was to do with numbers. Starting with an invocation, Sreelatha presented Ardhanari ashtakam, Trimurthi-Trishakti, Chaturvedam - with samples of hymns from the 4 Vedas, Panchabhoota (the 5 elements) varnam specially composed by Kumbakonam Gajendran - the centerpiece of the evening’s recital, the Chakras, Sapthaswaras or 7 musical notes, Ashta rasas – the 8 emotions and so on.  
Mrs. Y G Parthasarathy observed that it was a very meticulously researched and presented project, supported by the ‘overpowering nattuvangam’ of her guru Delhi Krishnamoorthy. Sreelatha gave a crisp and brief introduction before commencing each item. Since the recital extended beyond 2 hours, the audience slowly started dwindling, till there were only a few left at the conclusion. That was a pity because the theme was something different for the season and it was a pleasure to watch the tall and slender dancer perform with such sincerity and vitality. 

It is not possible to cut down any item, as that would make the theme meaningless. So much of hard work has been put in, that it would have been best justified if presented as the only performance for the evening. 

Delhi Krishnamoorthy, sang and conducted the recital. He was assisted by Padmanabhan on mridangam, Nagaraju on violin and Srinivasan on flute.  

(Presented by Bharat Kalachar).