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Dance mania continues in January  

Bharatanatyam by Sudharma Vaidhyanathan  
Jan 5, 2005 Bharat Kalachar, Chennai  
Text & photos: Lalitha Venkat 

January 8, 2005

Sudharma Vaidyanathan, the 10-year-old daughter of photographer Chella and Anita, is a well-known face in the dance circuit. She somehow finds time from her studies, to attend as many performances of senior dancers as possible. Not because her father usually attends the shows for taking photographs, but because Sudharma is serious about taking up dance as a career. She is at present training under A.Lakshman, director of Nrithyalakshana.  
Her guru had chosen items suited for a child her age. Starting with a prayer to Vinayaka, Sudharma presented a varnam “Thevar munivar,” “Nadanam aadinaar,” a kavadi chindu “Maadu meikkum kanney, nee poga vendaam sonneyn” and finished with a thillana. The music ensemble comprised of guru Lakshman on nattuvangam, Saranya Krishnan on vocal, Sivaganesh on violin and Nellai Kannan on mridangam.  
A little slip of a girl, Sudharma carried off a solo performance very well on her little shoulders, not exhibiting any kind of diffidence or stage fright. We were admiring her stamina too and only later did we come to know that Sudharma had been running a fever and the long varnam had sort of made her feel more ill. One would never have guessed it when she returned after a couple of minutes break and resumed her recital.  

Describing Sudharma as a paavai-villaku come to life, Mrs. Y G Parthasarathy praised her for “her great achievement at such a young age. The portrayal of Yashoda and Krishna was specially very effective.” 

Sudharma’s supporters were present in full strength. In fact, smartly dressed up tots, lipstick and all, occupied most of the front row!! Her schoolmates crowded around her after the show and the video coverage guys followed her everywhere as groups of her friends posed with her. Sudharma was quite the little star.  

(Presented by Bharat Kalachar).