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A sprightly Bharatanatyam performance by Rajini Kallur
- Satish Suri
Photo: Prof .K.S.Krishnamurthy

September 14, 2023

The Bharatanatyam performance by Rajini Kallur was truly sprightly and captivating. Presented under the auspices of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, her solo performance showcased her remarkable skills and competence, a testament to the training she received from her Guru Dr., Soundarya Igoor.

The performance commenced with an alarippu, an opening piece, which showcased the dancers's skill in rhythmic patterns and movements. This was followed by a heartfelt tribute to Lord Ganesha, setting a captivating tone for the rest of the performance. The depiction of the varnam "Innum en manam", a composition by the renowned Lalgudi Jayaraman in the raga Charukesi and choreographed by Chitra Visweswaran, was a profound portrayal of the deep torment experienced by the Nayika who is deeply in love with Lord Krishna. The elaborations within this varnam were truly evocative, with the rhythmically perfect jathis that showcased a visually absorbing movement profile. The depiction of the Nayika's inner turmoil and longing was executed with sophistication, conveying the depth of her emotions.

The lyrics of the varnam capture the essence of the Nayika's feelings. Her plea to Lord Krishna, 'Is it just for you to behave as if you do not know my mind, O Krishna? O beautiful Lord, won't you alleviate my grievances,' conveys the intensity of her love and her desire for solace. The artiste's development of the storyline, the choreography, and the movement profile all contributed to capturing the mood and sentiment of the piece with a sense of flair and grace. The pinnacle of the performance was the total surrender depicted in the charanam refrain "Kuzhaloodum azhaga Kanna", which enriched the narrative and encapsulated the essence of one's realisation of Lord Krishna.

Rajini Kallur

The javali that followed depicting a disappointed Nayika confiding in her Sakhi about the misdeeds of Lord Vittala, offers a poignant and emotionally charged narrative. In this composition, the Nayika expresses her deep sense of betrayal and disappointment, as she had placed her unwavering trust in Lord Vittala and never anticipated such deceit from him. The emotional depth of the composition heightened by the raga Khamas served as the framework for the artiste to express the emotional and episodic beauty of the composition effectively.

The traditional padam "Yethanai sonnaalum" in the Saveri raga, composed by Subbarama Iyer, presents a poignant scene where a mother chastises her daughter for running away from her husband following a disagreement. The lyrics of the padam convey the mother's concern and admonishment, expressing sentiments like, 'How often have I told you not to be obstinate and angry?' The mother emphasises the husband's care and provision for her daughter and encourages her to be considerate. The well-crafted choreography showcased the artistry of the dancer, involving expressive movements, gestures and facial expressions to effectively convey the narrative and its emotional resonance.

The conclusion of the performance with a thillana, the composition by Lalgudi Jayaraman in the Sindhubhairavi raga, added a lively and rhythmic element. In this particular thillana, the dancer's agility and skill were on full display, as the brisk and crisp movements are typical of the genre. The Sindhubhairavi raga, with its melodic richness and energetic nature, provided a vibrant backdrop to the dancer's performance. The combination of intricate footwork, expressive movements and the musicality of the raga in the thillana created a visually and aurally captivating experience for the audience. Additionally, it's noted that the composition included an ode to Lord Muruga, serving as a salutation to the divine form.

The orchestra led by Srivatsa on vocals, Soundarya Igoor on nattuvangam, Harsha Samaga on mridangam and Mahesha Swamy on flute, added a luminous and melodious dimension to the dance performance. The synergy between the music, lyrics, dance and imagery created a holistic and engaging experience for the audience.

Satish Suri
Bangalore based Satish Suri is an avid dance rasika besides being a life member of the Music and Arts Society.

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