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Kerege Haara - A poignant tale of sacrifice
- Satish Suri
Photo: Prof. K.S. Krishnamurthy

September 5, 2023

Kavya Kasinathan's Bharatanatyam performance of the thematic solo 'Kerege Haara' was a deeply emotional and captivating experience. With her extensive experience of performing 125 shows, Kavya displayed remarkable ease in conveying a wide range of emotions and characterisations, all the while being inspired by the folklore Janapada song "Kerege Haara".

Kavya Kasinathan

The performance delved into the life of Bhagirathi, the youngest daughter-in-law of Mallana Gowda's family. Mallana Gowda's charitable act of constructing a lake to store rainwater for the village's water needs becomes a story of suffering and disappointment as the expected rainfall doesn't arrive. Seeking astrological advice, the family is told that a human sacrifice is needed to ward off the evil causing the drought. Reluctant to ask their eldest daughter-in-law, Mallana Gowda and his wife turn to Bhagirathi, who ultimately agrees to sacrifice herself to save the village. Despite being young, married and full of life, Bhagirathi embraces the suggestion and bids farewell to her family and husband. Her husband returns to learn of her sacrifice and mourns the loss. The sacrifice ultimately brings rain to fill the lake.

Kavya's performance beautifully portrayed the spectrum of emotions - from youthful exuberance and joy to love, dismay and sacrifice. The choreography by her Guru Mithun Shyam and the vocalisation of the composition's lyrics by Karthik Hebbar provided a strong backdrop for the story's twists and turns, creating a rendition that held the audience's interest. The folklore elements of the composition were seamlessly incorporated into the rendition and executed with a flourish. Kavya's adeptness in executing the jathis (rhythmic patterns) and her skilful use of the stage space combined with her ability to convey emotions effectively, showcased her dedication to the art form and her commitment to delivering a captivating performance.

Overall, Kavya Kasinathan's performance of 'Kerege Haara' was a moving and artistically rich presentation that effectively communicated a poignant tale of sacrifice and emotion through the expressive medium of Bharatanatyam.

Satish Suri
Bangalore based Satish Suri is an avid dance rasika besides being a life member of the Music and Arts Society.

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