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Abhilasha- the eternal longing for Krishna
- Satish Suri
Photo: K.S.Krishnamurthy

April 10, 2022

Celebrating the launch of her school for dance in Bangalore, Divya Hoskere, a senior disciple of Praveen Kumar, presented a thematic performance titled 'Abhilasha' - the eternal longing for Krishna.

Divya Hoskere

Divya started beautifully with an Alarippu incorporating a shloka from Leela Shuka's 'Krishna Karnamrutham' creatively adapted for dance. Detailing the lord of the universe and his connection with all of nature, the birds, the bees, the flora and fauna and the animal kingdom resonating to his flute was a spellbinding rendition. The artistically sensitive improvisation on stage provided the grandeur to the flow of the narrative. The subjugation of Kalinga the serpent was deftly woven into the narrative. The composition of Mahesh Swamy in Vachaspati raga and the refreshing choreography of Praveen Kumar raised the bar in her execution of the piece.

The varnam "Sringara Chaturane", a composition of Dwarki Krishnaswamy in raga Karaharapriya and adi tala, showcased the forlorn nayika requesting her Sakhi to fetch her lord Madanasundara.The uninhibited role play that portrayed Krishna in his multiple personalities as a Godchild, prankster, lover, hero, and Supreme Being, incorporated several of his leelas. The characterisation of the varnam created a landscape of various moods and shades of emotion. The exquisite play of emotions and the vignettes were reflected in her abhinaya. Her ability to convey through movements the content harmonised well with the verses. Each adavu, each leap sparkled with the artiste's command over nritta. Her enthusiasm maintained a constant sthayi bhava, expressive sequences interspersed with brilliant footwork enhanced by the lively melody and rhythm of the music ensemble.

The Sakhi explains the agony of Radha to Krishna in "Radhika tava virahe Keshava". She is applying sandal paste to his picture and chanting Hari constantly. She pleads with Keshava to release the agony and distress of Radha who is pining for him.The eloquent exposition by the artiste encapsulated the trauma and agony of Radha in a profound and balanced manner. The movements climaxed into a beautiful final freeze, and with a delightful musical refrain of the flute from Mahesh Swamy, the movement seamlessly coalesced into a thillana in Brindavani, a composition of Balamuralikrishna bringing to life the lyricism and rhythm of the sahitya with a sense of joy. She executed the complex rhythmic patterns with verve and dexterity which was a delight to watch.

The music ensemble with inspiring nattuvangam from Praveen Kumar, Srivatsa's measured grace on the vocals, the soft percussion of Lingaraju and the melodic flute of Mahesh Swamy contributed in no small measure to the dancer's delineation which was a feast for the eyes. The visual imagery of the lighting effects heightened the presentation.

The name of Divya's dance school is aptly named 'Kala Marga.'

Satish Suri
Bangalore based Satish Suri is an avid dance rasika besides being a life member of the Music and Arts Society.

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