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Scintillating performance by Vidyalakshmi
- Satish Suri
Photo: Kiran H.S.

March 11, 2022

Vidyalaksmi's Bharatanatyam performance under the aegis of ICCR provided scintillating fare for the audience that gathered at the Nayana Auditorium, Bangalore.

A pleasant opening with an Allaripu showcased her competence and training under her teacher Praveen Kumar. This was followed by an ode to Goddess Saraswathi "Shringapuradeeswari Sharade", a composition of Padmacharan, which sings of the incomparable beauty of the goddess and her unparalleled grace and radiance. The artist's involvement and sensitive portrayal, movements crisp and precise, hallmarked with a flair of elegance punctuated the presentation.

For the main piece of the recital,Vidyalakshmi presented "Roopamu Joochi," a varnam in Todi and adi talam. The nayika's intense longing and the sorrow at being ignored were defined by a convincing portrayal. Enamoured by Lord Shiva's presence, the nayika questions his indifference and questionable anger towards her. "Oh, Marakoti Sundara, the one who removes the three forms of misery, why do you uphold this misery with me?" questions the nayika. Alternating gracefully between pure and expressional dance, Vidyalakshmi executed movements flawlessly and registered bhavas with an engaging appeal. The crisp jathi interludes were performed with meticulous precision showing complete command over tala and rhythm.


The next piece was a devaranama "Baro Krishnayya," a composition of Kanakadasa wherein the devotee asks little Krishna to visit his home. Capturing the devotional feelings of the composition the artist's rendition provided for an absorbing portrayal. She concluded with a Tillanna in Raga Simhendramadhyamam and adi tala, a composition of Madurai N. Krishnan which showcased the artist in fine fettle radiating with high energy and vibrant in the portrayal.

The music ensemble spearheaded by Praveen Kumar on the nattuvangam, the soulful rendering by Srivatsa on the vocal, the mellifluous melody of the flute by Vivek Krishna and offbeat rhythms of the mridangam by Lingaraju added sparkle to the artist's presentation.

Satish Suri
Bangalore based Satish Suri is an avid dance rasika besides being a life member of the Music and Arts Society.

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