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Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy award to Sadanam Harikumar
- VP Dhananjayan

February 16, 2021

Sadanam Harikumar

I am happy and elated to know that Dr.Sadanam Harikumar recently got the Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy award for his sculpture. Hearty congratulations to him for winning this prestigious honour from the Kerala Government. Harikumar is truly a multifaceted artist and the beauty is, he is master of all. He genuinely deserves to be titled as "Sakala kalaa vallabhan." He is truly a versatile person with exemplary prowess in Kathakali acting and imparting training in Kathakali. He got his Doctorate for the subject ‘Structural Components of Kathakali’ (the first Kathakali performer to receive a Doctorate in this field), has written 18 Aattakathas for Kathakali stage presentation, is an ace Carnatic concert singer, sculptor, painter and conducts regular Kathakali performances as the main singer.

The award winning sculpture

He has brought in a lot of innovations in Kathakali and its presentations. He is the chief administrator of Gandhi Seva Sadanam Kathakali Academy, Perur, a well known Art and Education centre, an all round institution founded by his illustrious father and freedom fighter Kumaran Nair. He has designed and crafted new headgears and costumes for Kathakali plays where new historical and epic characters are introduced in his Kathakali plays with the same aesthetics of the original and traditional ones.

I know him and his talent for more than four decades now and Dr. Sadanam Harikumar is truly an artist par excellence.

Naatyaachaarya V.P.Dhananjayan is the Founder & President of Bharata Kalanjali, Chennai.

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