Inauguration of SPIC MACAY - Harrow Chapter

April 28, 2014

The SPIC MACAY - Harrow Chapter was inaugurated in Kalasagara UK dance studio in Pinner, Harrow, on April 27, 2014.  It was attended by a band of very enthusiastic students and their parents. The function started with the lighting of the traditional lamp by Usha Raghavan, director of Kalasagara UK. It was then followed by a video presentation on SPIC MACAY by Lakshmi Kaul, the convenor. Then, Ms. Kaul accompanied by Sandeep Prakash gave a very inspiring speech about the activities of SM in London that was received by the participants with rapt attention. 

Preeti Mahenthran, a dance student, sang a slokam and a kirtanam “Pahi Pahi” in Hamsadwani ragam and adi talam. Kripali Patel and Karishma Bajaria came well prepared to teach Rangoli drawing. All young students joined them enthusiastically. Assisted by seniors, everyone tried their hand in drawing rangoli on paper designs cutouts. Colourful designs emerged within 15 minutes and all young participants were very happy to have learnt something they could show their friends.

The ensuing informal discussion was about the next meeting and the topics for the session. When the meeting came to an end, everyone was keen to know when the next meeting would be. It was a lovely evening well spent, learning and discussing about Indian art and culture. Indeed it was a simple, yet brilliant start in UK for a great movement that is SPIC MACAY.