Brilliant Kathak by Jigna Dixit
- Anonna Guha

March 4, 2014

Refreshing, sparkling and energetic – I had used these words to typify Jigna Dixit’s Kathak recital in 2010. And I must say in 2014 she has surpassed these adjectives. Dixit’s dance is an excellent combination of grace and energy. On January 18 at the Nalanda's Nrityotsava 2014, Dixit started her performance with Durga Stuti “Bhavani Dayani.” This stuti is in praise of Ma Durga, the eternal and omnipresent feminine energy; a caring mother but also a destroyer of evil. The raudra and benevolent elements were aptly depicted by Dixit. The act of Mahishasura mardan on Kathak toda was brilliantly executed.

Dixit then moved on to display her prowess with Taal Jayat. Each taal has its own mood and temperament which is in accordance with the given beats and division of the taal. Taal Jayat is one of the complex taals, set to 13 beats. Dixit’s command on such a difficult taal was effortless. Her ‘sam’ depiction at various execution points got instant applause from the audience. The fact that even with a light body frame an individual can have very strong footwork, was proved by Dixit in the 24 pirouettes and Ginti ki tihaais set to different permutations and combinations of this complex taal.

The concluding item Peet Patware Ne written by Kavi Premanand mesmerized the audience. The composition, depicting Sanyog Sringar, was enacted by Dixit as the nayika complaining about the various pranks played by Lord Krishna but secretly enjoying his mischief nevertheless. Dixit’s portrayal was appreciated by the well versed and rasikas. Dixit is like lightning on stage and at the same time adept at putting forth the softer emotions gracefully.

Dixit's performance bore the trademark style of Kathak exponents Maulik Shah and Ishira Parikh. She has several dance events to her credit including Connect, Baroda Festival, Kite Flying Festival and Romeo Juliet.

A Visharad and Menaka Award winner for Kathak, dancer Anonna Guha Heads the Kathak Department at Nrityanjali Institute of performing arts, education, personality development & management services, in Mumbai. Established by her father and Guru Dr. Tushar Guha 50 years ago,  through Nrityanjali she continues taking training programs for children, youth, teachers, parents and corporates, under her father’s guidance and expertise in Personality Development & Performing Arts.