Brilliant film on Ramayana
- Vijay Shanker, Mumbai

December 28, 2012

Shri Saibaba Movies presentation ‘Ram Rajya’ (Hindi) is a brilliant film based on Valmiki's Ramayana. Produced by Yellamanchili Saibabu and directed by Bapu, the music is by veteran composer Ilayaraja, screenplay by Mallapadi Venkataraman and lyrics and dialogues by Darshan Lad. ‘Ram Rajya’ was screened at the Cinemax theatre in Mumbai on 22nd December in the presence of Telugu superstar Balakrishnan who plays the role of Lord Rama and Bollywood star Anil Kapoor. The film received thunderous acclaim from the select audience.

After the exile of 14 years and after the defeat of Ravana, Lord Rama along with Janaki, Lakshman and Hanuman returns to Ayodhya. The people are thrilled to see Rama after a long duration. Rama becomes the king and the people celebrate the joyous occasion. Rama spends wonderful moments with Seeta and she is soon in the family way. Being an ideologist and an ideal leader, Rama feels that the happiness of his people is his primary concern. He comes to know that people doubt the chastity of Seeta as she was away in Lanka for over a year. Rama is completely disturbed with this accusation and decides to sacrifice his love for the sake of the people. Hence she separates from him and leaves Ayodhya as an ordinary woman and settles down in Valmiki's ashram where she gives birth to twins Lava and Kusha. Both the sons are brilliant and acquire knowledge of the sastras and are blessed by the sage. Both Lava and Kusha are completely unaware that their mother is Seeta and are anxious to meet both Rama and Seeta. The twins are well versed in the Ramayana and reach Ayodhya to recite the musical Ramayana to Rama. The people are spellbound by their powerful narration. When the twins learn that Seeta is not with Rama, they are quite disturbed and return to the Ashram in disappointment. What happens after that forms the crux of the story.

Powerful dramatisation, excellent music, special effects and exuberant settings make the film  unique in its presentation creating a lasting impression on the audience. One of the best films produced on the Ramayana, the movie takes you on an emotional journey of the integrity of the ideals and just king who spares no pain to make his folks happy but is quite disturbed personally. As the dictum goes, "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown." At a particular juncture, Lord Rama is in a dilemma as to whether to continue life with his beloved wife Seeta or to manage his duties as an honest and sincere king. It was not possible to manage both the duties of a king and husband, hence the disturbance and the unrest. The amazing Balakrishna Nalmudi as Rama and the pretty Nayantara as Seeta make a great pair. The other actors A Nageshwar Rao, Srikant, Samir Murli Mohan and Vidhu Darasingh as Hanuman play their parts extremely well. A must see for everyone.

Vijay Shankar is a Kuchipudi and Kathakali exponent, teacher, choreographer, bilingual journalist, arts critic and actor.