Bharatakalanjali’s summer camp intensive
Photos: Ganesh Ramachandran

June 6, 2012
Bharatakalanjali, Chennai, conducted an intensive workshop from May 19 to 26 at its premises for senior level Bharatanatyam artistes, both in practical and theory lessons covering fundamentals in series and deeper understanding of items. General theory of Abhinaya Darpana and Natya Sastra with specific stress on Rasa theory was covered in these classes, everyday for four to five hours, as well as three items.

About 20 participants from mostly Bharatakalanjali and Kalakshetra lineage took this course. Anusha Natarajan, a senior disciple of the Dhananjayans and Bharatakalanjali faculty member, coordinated this summer course to give these artistes a direct touch with the masters and experience the teaching method of the gurus.

While Shanta Dhananjayan chiseled each participant with her impeccable perfection in bodyline and rhythm, VP Dhananjayan explained the nuances of every word of the songs and their meaning to experience the satwika bhava or abhinaya.  Language, music and philosophy of natya were instilled in the participants to help make them better professionals.  The watchword  "discipline - devotion - dedication" in any profession was the core purpose of this intensive summer Gurukulam camp. The artistes were happy to learn the lessons directly from the Dhananjayans.

It was a new experience for the participants to go through Tai Chi exercises along with natya classes to understand the physical, mental and psychic aspects of the body. The in depth explanations by therapist Ranga Rao, one of the leading Tai Chi masters in Chennai, benefited the participants immensely.