Rangabati: Festival of dance and music of Western Odisha
Photos courtesy: Odisha Tourism

May 31, 2012

Sambalpuri music and dance mesmerized the audience in the Rangabati Festival (May 28 to 30, 2012) at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar, when the artistes of western Odisha thronged to the stage with their melodious yet boisterous music which not only appealed to the art lovers but also got the audience on their feet.
The first programme started with devotional renderings, in Sambalpuri language Buli Buli Singh Duar written by Chitta Ranjan Nayak, Piutha Tu Taka Taka and Bhaba Sindura Se Khadithi written by Shripati Panigrahi. This was followed by some typical songs like Dhubal Mukhi, Turi Baje Rain Jhin, Kalabati Mara Kala Kajali and Jhiki Miki Duei Gale Lal Mandar sung by Dilip Bag and his wife Padmini Bag, accompained by Dhol Nisan, Tasa, Mahuri and Jhanj. Maa Samaleswari Loka Sanskruti Gabesana Kendra, Tora, Baragarh presented loka badya of western Odisha with a beautiful blend of endemic percussions like Dhol, Nisan, Mahuri, Tasa and Jhanja punctuated with different mnemonic syllables much to the appreciation of a large audience. The fourth item was a group dance Mandal Nrutya or Karmasani Nrutya performed by the young boys and girls of Pancham, Balangir. Their second item was Humonan in which the dancers showcased the varied games played during childhood in rural areas of western Odisha. Their program was indeed emotionally appealing and aesthetically designed. The concluding programme was by Dhol Mahuri Kala Parisad from Rourkela who performed Panchadeva Bandana.
On day two, it was Jitendriya Haripal, the original singer of Rangabati who made the audience spellbound by his beautiful renderings of Sambalpuri songs including the popular Rangabati. The program started with popular Sambalpuri songs presented by Padmini Dora. Her mellifluous voice drew tremendious appalause and appreciation from the full house. The next presentation was an orchestra by Rangafarua from Sambalpur under the leadership of Guru Durgaprasad Dash. The fourth item of the evening was Bajasal and Singh Dance by Mahavir Sanskrutika Anusthan, Bhawanipatna, a popular dance group who have been propagating and popularizing Ghumura and other folk dances of Kalahandi district. The concluding item was a group dance ‘Panchrashi’ showcasing Rasarkeli, Dalkhai, Sajani, Jaiphula and Mailajad which delighted the art lovers.

On the concluding day, the original singers of Rangabati once again stunned the audience by their superb presentation studded with intricate and rhythmic movements of body and feet synchronized with beautiful expressions. Jitendriya Haripal and Krishna Patel’s captivating music had the audience dancing to their tunes. The second item of the evening featured some nice renditions of Sambalpuri songs presented by Pankaj Jal and his group. Radharani Sanskrutika Sansad from Balangir presented a tasteful blend of instrumental music of all the endemic musical instruments comprising of Dhol, Nisan, Mahuri, Tasa, Tamka and Jhanj directed by Ghasiram Mishra. UKIA, a famous folk dance institute in the western part of Odisha, danced some popular Sambalpuri pieces. They enthralled the audience with their presentation of Karma, Parva, Dalkhai, Dhap, etc. The concluding item was Mailajada based on some social customs of western Odisha performed by young girls and boys.