Rabindranath in the Balinese outset
Text & pics: Nita Vidyarthi, Kolkata
e-mail: nitavidyarthi@gmail.com

May 17, 2012

Under the aegis of Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music, Tagore's ‘Chitrangada’ was staged at the Rabindranath Tagore Centre, ICCR, Kolkata, with the guidance of Pandit Abhijit Banerjee.

Performed by Dona Ganguly and her troupe, the choreography by Dona Ganguly was essentially Rabindrik and Odissi with some Balinese dances. In the production were two group dances by a male Balinese dancer I Ketet Wirtawan accompanied by 5 male troupe members as invaders of Manipur in the Balinese style. Ida Ayu (female dancer) performed as Madan, the God of Love in beautiful Balinese style. Dona Ganguly was in the role of Surupa Chitrangada and Raghunath Das as Arjun.