Samskriti festival on World Dance Day
- Shalaka Deshpande

May 12, 2012

It is befitting to organize a dance festival on 29th of April celebrated as World Dance Day all over the world. This year, ‘Samskriti –A festival of classical dances’ was organized in Aurangabad by Devmudraa to celebrate World Dance Day. Samskriti is now in its 3rd edition. It was a humble beginning 2 years back, but the packed auditorium and the enthusiasm and support of the dance connoisseurs of Aurangabad, helped to make the festival a major event in the city. 

Keeping with its tradition of providing a platform for young and upcoming artistes of Marathwada region, Samskriti featured performances by talented students of different dance schools of Aurangabad. The local artistes performed different classical dances and received certificates of appreciation. Samskriti also provides a stage for artistes from across India.

Sindoora Murthy

Prachi Hota

Mallika Kandali
The festival began by paying obeisance to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha Vandana choreographed by V Soumyasree was performed by the young dancers of her school Devmudraa. After the inauguration, Sindoora Murthy from Hyderabad presented a Kuchipudi performance that included Koluvai Unnade, Vachenu Alamelu Mangaa and Nandnandana Gopaala, a Tarangam choreographed by her guru Dr. Uma Ramarao. Prachi Hota from Odisha performed Vakra Tunda Mahakaya, Saveri Pallavi and Dashavatara based on poet Jayadeva’s Geeta Govinda. The third dancer of the evening, Dr. Mallika Kandali from Assam performed in the Sattriya dance style. Her items for the evening included Krishna Vandana, Chali one of the few dances of Sattriya which are performed by women.

Vithal Tukyacha
The culminating dance performance of the evening was Vithal Tukyacha, a Bharatanatyam performance by V Soumyasree and disciples, with concept and direction by RD Pawar. This dance theatre presentation was based on the life of Saint Tukaram. The live music and singing of Saint Tukaram’s Abhangas by Vishwanth Dasarathe and Yogiraj Pande was an asset to the performance. 

Shalaka Deshpande is a teacher, anchor and dance enthusiast based in Aurangabad.