A male quartet in celebration
- Satish Suri, Bangalore
e-mail: satishism@yahoo.co.in

November 9, 2011

The invitation read ‘Dance for Dancers by Dancers’ and many rasikas came to witness the performance of the four male dancers on 26th October at the ADA Rangamandira in Bangalore. Anil Iyer, Bhavajan Kumar, Sai Santhosh Radhakrishnan and Parshwanath Upadhye rose to the occasion with a performance befitting their skills of dancing.
Anil Iyer, a student of Poornima Gururaj, opened the program with a pushpanjali and a Ganesha stuti, a composition of DV Gundappa set to adi tala and in raga Natai. A versatile artiste that he is, he set the pace for the evening with an energetic performance.
Anil Iyer
Bhavajan Kumar
The next to take the stage was Bhavajan Kumar, a student of Shijith Nambiar and presently under the tutelage of Bragha Bessell. He presented ‘Chandramouli,’ a choreographic composition by Shijith Nambiar and Parvati Nambiar extolling Iswara, in raga Gowli and set to adi tala. Bhavajan Kumar left no one in doubt about his capability of expressing through the medium of dance.
Sai Santhosh Radhakrishna, a student of Adyar Lakshman, chose a Jatiswaram to explore his skills. He was the cynosure of all eyes with his brisk footwork and energetic performance. This composition of Veena Seshanna in Karaharapriya raga and set to adi tala was choreographed by Adyar Lakshman.
Sai Santhosh Radhakrishnan

Parshwanath Upadhye
Parshwanath Upadhye, a student of Kiran Subramanyam, presented deepanjali and Rama Bhajan, to display his virtuosity. Before the main piece Sri Ramachandra Kripalu, Parshwanath offered his salutations and homage to all the artists and to the auspicious day of Deepavali. The piece in Ragamalika and Talamalika had the artist in full flow.
The second half of the program had the dancers proving their prowess in emotive skills. Anil Iyer presented “Chitike vesithe,” a composition of Sarangapani. Bhavajan Kumar paid homage to Guruvayurappan with “Om Namo Narayana,” a composition of Charumathi Rajan in ragam Karna Ranjini, and set to khanda chapu tala. Sai Santhosh Radhakrishna was more aggressive as he presented “Ananda Natamaduvar Thillai” choreographed by Adyar Lakshman in raga Purvi Kalyani and set to adi tala. Parshwanath chose a Kanakadasa devarnama “Baro Krishnaiah” to display his versatility.
The finale for the program was a Thillana in Brindavanasaranga performed by the four dancers in unison. The performance was characterized by brisk footwork, excellent geometry and energy. The music  ensemble led by the refreshing voice of  Srikanth Gokhale on the vocals, Pulikeshi Kasturi on the nattuvangam, Lingaraju on the mridangam and Mahesh Swamy on the flute added vigour and vitality to the performance.

Satish Suri has been an ardent follower of dance and music for more than 40 years, starting with being on  the committee of the International Music and Arts Society founded by Vijaya Devi, sister of the Late Maharaja of Mysore, Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar and now presently is treasurer of World Dance Alliance Karnataka Chapter. He has presented several artists, both dancers and musicians, over the last 40 years.