Prof. CV Chandrasekar at the Indian Embassy
- Aneal Krishnamurthy

August 10, 2011

I recently attended a reception in honor of Professor CV Chandrasekar at the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC organized by his students Radha Ganesan and Shailaja Maru.  I first saw CVC Sir perform at the Music Academy's dance festival in Chennai a couple of years ago and again earlier this year.  What struck me most about him was his warmth and humility.  He performed two items at the Indian Embassy that more than showcased his prowess in nritta and abhinaya.  I don't want to write about the performance itself but focus on my impressions of the man.  His anecdotes about how he learned about being selected for the Padma Bhushan as well as his rendering of "aduvum solluval" were charming.  All dancers want to do these days is perform but CVC Sir explained how for many years, he had maybe a couple of performances at most each year.  But, he practiced daily just for himself. 

People wonder how he can dance so well in his mid-70s.  His answer is it is because of all those years of rigorous practice.  He seems genuinely humbled and delighted that fame and success found their way to him in due course.  I wonder whether he would have been the same man he is today if fame had come at a younger age.  When I see him, there is no sense of ego, entitlement, or desperate need for leaving a lasting legacy.  His dancing speaks for itself.  With the intimate setting of the embassy, I felt like we were back at one of his practice sessions.   

Aneal Krishnamurthy is a rasika and a supporter of the arts.