Hollywood star in Yogaville, Naatya Adhyayana Gurukulam
- VP Dhananjayan
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August 3, 2011

Are you familiar with this famous Hollywood star Liev Schreiber who has acted in films like Solt, X Man, Sum Of All Fears, Kate & Leopold, Omen etc? He is now acting in Meera Nair's movie being shot in Delhi, a story of love hate between Pakistan and India.

Liev has learned Bharatanatyam in his childhood days in Connecticut and even played Hanuman's role in Ramayanam dance drama in one of the local Bharatanatyam teacher's production. He visited our classes with his little son and his old mother. Liev is a very simple man (unlike our actors). He drove his car, and just walked into the class casually in shorts and T-shirt carrying his son.
In a strange coincidence, we were watching Liev Schreiber's film ‘Omen’ the previous night on DVD and his casual unannounced visit was a terrific surprise. The students were quite exited. 

Guru VP Dhananjayan is the Artistic Director of Bharata Kalanjali, Chennai.