Parinaamam - new production in the Bharatanatyam idiom

November 8, 2010

Kalaa Bhaaskara (Reunion Island) and Bharatakalanjali (Chennai) jointly produced and presented a unique dance drama Parinaamam on human evolution and environmental protection.

Bharatakalanjali commissioned the talented couple Sheejith Krishna (Bharatanatyam) and his wife Jyothishmathi (Carnatic vocalist), both Kalakshetra graduates and former senior faculty members, to undertake the choreography and music composition. The two days of presentation in the Reunion National Theater Champ Fleuri on 29th & 30th October 2010 were sold out shows.

Logambal Souprayen Cavery, Founder and Artistic Director of Kalaa Bhaaskara (Reunion) scripted the concept and story to convey a message to the contemporary audience. Revathi Sankkaran wrote Tamil songs for this unique production on the need of environmental protection. Sheejith Krishna has shown the creative evolution of life on earth and how movement, language, music, agriculture were evolved. Then, the struggle for power over food and theory of survival of the fittest, men's greed leading to destruction of nature bringing unhappy situations to those who indulge in destruction of nature and nature worshippers, finally, establishing the fact that worship of nature is a well conceived human endeavor to nurture life on earth. Both Sheejith Krishna and Jyothishmathi deserve applause for their brilliant creation. They were supported by an orchestra of high-calibre accompanists.
The Dhananjayans were present there to supervise the presentation and introduce the Bharatakalanjali and Kalaa Bhaaskara artistes trained by Logambal Cavery, a senior disciple and Bharatakalanjali alumni.

The Cultural Ministry of the Mauritius Government presented a show in St. Louis on 1st November 2010, on the group's way back home. This production will be presented in Music Academy in Chennai on 19th January 2011 with a cast of nearly 30 artistes from Chennai and Reunion Island.