Karnataka Kuchipudi Nrityotsav
- Sudha Sridhar, Chennai
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October 4, 2010

The Second Akhila Karnataka Kuchipudi Nrityotsav organized by Natyasaraswathi Dance Centre, Bangalore, supported by Department of Kannada & Culture, Karnataka and Natyasaraswathi, USA, was held on 19th September 2010 at ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore. It is indeed a laudable effort to bring together the Kuchipudi artistes of Karnataka to perform on one platform on an annual basis. Continuing the success of organizing the first such event last year, the second edition was enthralling.

Dr.Saraswathi, director Natyasaraswathi
felicitating guru Vedantam Ramu
Vedantam Ramu &
Vedantam Radheshyam
Veenamurthy Vijay
Rama Devi
The morning session witnessed lecture demonstration / seminars by eminent Gurus and artistes alike. The session which started with lighting of the lamp was very educative and interesting. Both the Gurus from the Vedantam family of Kuchipudi, Guru Vedantam Radheshyam from Kuchipudi village and Guru Vedantam Ramu from Chennai rendered gracefully technical pieces by way of demonstration accompanied by disciples and also explained the nuances of Yakshaganas.

Guru Veenamurthy Vijay of Bangalore presented in detail, her research study on Yakshaganas of Kuchipudi and that of Karnataka. Dr. Rama Devi, a doctorate in Kuchipudi, explained nuances of Golla Kalaapam and provided the much needed guidance to young dancers on how to progress in this art form. The session concluded with the graceful presentation of some of the episodes from Usha Parinayam by Vyjayanthi Kashi of Bangalore. It was a unique sight to see Gurus of two generations sharing the same platform and presenting a rare educative opportunity for dancers and connoisseurs of the Kuchipudi dance form.

Padmavathi Kala Niketan
Vidya, disciple of Vyjayanthi Kashi
Laasya Lahari
The evening session primarily for performances by the dancers started at 5pm with a Poorvarangam by Natyasaraswathi followed by Ramayana Shabdam performed by Padmavathi Kala Niketan, Bangalore. This was followed by Bhama Kalapam and Shiva Tandavam performed by Divya, Neha, Acharya, Aanjana (disciples of Saraswathi). Disciples of Vyjayanthi Kashi performed Sandya Tandavam (Vidya), Jathiswaram (by Guru), and Thillana (by Yeal Tael from Israel). Taranagam was presented by Sangeetha (student of Veenamurthy) and Ramayana Shabdam by Laasya Lahari (students of Rajashree).

Rukminiamma (Member Text Book Committee, Karnataka Board), Guru Laxmi, and Kathakali exponent Probal Gupta graced the event. As a prelude to the event, a two day workshop (17th & 18th September) on Kuchipudi was conducted by Guru Vedantam Ramu. The workshop which covered exhaustively on fundamentals and grammar was well received and useful for the participants. It is needless to add that already the Kuchipudi dance lovers of Karnataka are looking forward to the next edition to be equally captivating like the earlier ones.